Custom Nutrition plan for Your dog!

If you read this site, I have no doubt that You are a true dog lover and You are interested in making the best for Your buddy. Maximum to let him/her live a full, happy and especially healthy life. Dogs natural diet, without any chemical additives or otherwise present, for the life of a dog as a  "great" substances, is the first step to achieving the main goal!

Making a Diet - How To Do It?

1) Order a nutrition plan here.

2) I will contact you to find the basic information for the menu.

3) After consultation with each other, I will send nutrition plan to address You provid me in 3 working days.

4) Once You receive the menu, I will contact You again and explain the structure of the menu.

What does the menu look like?

This is not a nutrition plan with pre-defined meals. Nutrition plan is built on the principle of choosing from multiple varieties. The menu includes types of meats, bones, etc., and the weight to be included in the portion. You build your feed portion yourself based on the raw ingredience You currently have in the refrigerator.

Will anyone be near by if I need advice?

Of course. In case of any doubt, I am fully at your disposal. It is also commonplace to use different social networking channels.

Do I get a menu and end that is all?

Not at all! If you are interested in consulting, I am here for you. Regular consultations are only benefits!