Primordial diet   & Dorn method 

Primordial diet for dogs

What is primordial dog nutrition? Primordial means primal, natural dog food.

Properly formulated raw food is best for dogs, but it is much more expensive and often more time consuming than commercial food. You spend a lot of money to ensure the best for your dog so You need to understand the dog's nutrition requirements and potential pitfalls. Do not waste your money unnecessarily and give your dog a quality and varied diet.

It seems that eating a natural, raw diet is fashionable today, but that's not the case. Raw feeding was and will be here! However, raw feed is not enough ... You need to know what food is appropriate to avoid the imbalance what many foods can cause and how to ensure that your dog gets enough vitamins and minerals in the diet.

Dorn method for dogs

Dorn's method is gentle manual therapy, whereby the joints and vertebrae are safely and accurately brought back to their original correct positions.

This method is performed under the active co-operation of the attendant. By moving the musculoskeleton and the entire skeletal system are connected. Active movement will allow the therapist to naturally manipulate the body being treated. Gentle pressure of the fingers or palms causes that bones and joints  return back, are settles to the right position.