Primordial diet for dogs


Every dog deserves a happy and especially healthy life!

Primordial, unknown or unusual word for somebody. Primordial means primal, natural. For our purposes, to better specify as the primary, ancient method of feeding wolves. This nutrition relies on nutrition with meat, bones, entrails, herbs, fruits and other animal or plant species that the wolf has encountered in nature. Whether it was blueberries or digested semen in the stomach of a squirrel he had for dinner. All these products of nature have ensured a wolf's balanced diet.

A nutritionally balanced diet that contains all the necessary macro nutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats) as well as micro nutrients (vitamins, minerals and trace elements) are the basis for the healthy development of each individual.

Over time, due to domestication and other circumstances, the wolf becomes a dog. A dog that man has shaped for centuries for his image. The exterior has changed, the digestive system of the dog is also partially altered by the influence of the surroundings, but the essence remains the same.