Nutrition counselling for dogs

Let's go back to the roots, to what is natural for dogs!

A healthy and natural diet is the basis of a prosperous and long life!

More than 10 years of experience in canine nutrition. Successfully completed exams in the Canadian University of DNM in 2017 - the field of Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist.

Continuing education in the field and constant improvement.

                                                                                                   I will help you improve the quality of your dogs diet!

We offer nutrition counselling for dogs using the methods of B.A.R.F. and Primordial diet

Primordial diet


Herbs and natural products

About me:

Hi! My name is Markéta Langerová, DiS, and I specialize in canine nutrition using the methods of B.A.R.F and P.M.D. I love dogs and their health is my number one priority.

I will teach and advise you on how to create a balanced and nutritious diet for your dog!

  • Individual and friendly approach
  • Accessible and professional
  • Education and specialization abroad
  • Continuing education in the field and constant improvement
  • Many content customers and high ranked reviews

    I love what I do, and I do it with my whole heart! 

Client reviews

I would like to thank you so much Ms. Langerová! Hats off to your abilities, kindness, and your prompt help.

I adopted Andělka 3 years ago when she was terribly obese and in a horrible state. A year after adopting her, she managed to lose weight till she was 40kg, then 36kg, which I believe is her ideal weight. She was much happier and she trusted me, we established a very strong bond.

Unfortunately, some medical problems appeared recently as she had an anterior cruciate ligament injury, she had to have arthroscopy of both elbow joints and surgery for inflammation on both of her ears. Andělka started gaining weight again due to her strict rest mode. I won't lie, even I contributed to her gain, I gave her different treats and yogurts and I kept her food amount the same so she wouldn't get weak, I thought that because she was so sick she would need some strength, and therefore she got to the weight of 39kg. 

But then came a wave of self-realization, I realized I'm hurting her instead of helping. I started looking for help and wrote to many 'experts' about her diet and her condition but they always said the same thing: feed her with barf and divide a kilogram of the meat into 2 amounts for daily use. A kilo of meat daily? Really? I started losing hope because it seemed that it's not possible to find anyone who could help.

Thank goodness I found the website of Ms. Langerová and the layout of the web page immediately interested me. So simple yet full of information. The content is easily understandable, with no specialist terminology or long numbers that you don't get. So I started reading the story of Ms. Langerová and I was amazed! I didn't hesitate and I ordered the B.A.R.F menu and paid. Ms.Langerová has good prices, the 'advice' that I received earlier from the 'experts' cost me more and didn't do anything compared to what Ms. Langerová did. 

Just that night I got an email that I expected to be the confirmation email, the ones that are automatically generated, but you know what? I got an email directly from Ms.Langerová asking for information on Andělka and about her condition. I was very surprised since no 'expert' asked me anything about Andělka or her condition before :/ and in the last sentence, she closed her email with - give a scratch for Andělka from me.

You know, this doesn't just show what kind of a person she is, but also the high level of expertise and communication.

I answered all of her questions and I expected to wait for another 14 days but Ms.Langerová sent everything the next day! I opened my email and wow1 I had the whole menu and everything sent in! I got 20 pages of information about what to feed and how to feed, with the amount of food already calculated for a day, week, and a month. You don't even understand how much it can make your life easier. Suddenly you know how much to buy for a month (if you have enough space in your freezer). The other pages contained photos of what to include in the diet if you don't have much imagination like me :) There's also an extra menu at the end for inspiration. 

There's a lot of information, including texts that show you how you know that you're doing it wrong, but not in a way where it makes you look like an idiot, rather showing you that it's time to do things the right way.

I didn't hesitate and I took all the food that I had from before and gave it to the shelter and went to buy new food that would fit the menu. The second day I started feeding using Ms.Langerová's menu and you know what? Every morning and evening Andělka waits next to her bowl with little sparks in her eyes asking 'what am I going to eat now?'

Overall, I would like to conclude that Ms.Langerová is an amazing person and she does her work very responsibly. Her services are fast and quality-wise are non-comparable to other 'experts' out there.

Andělka and I would like to thank you for what you have done for us and what you do for all the other doggos out there. You are amazing and your communication is the best! 😊 Sending a paw and best wishes Jana Mullerová and Andělka 🐾

It took me a long time to start feeding my dog naturally. But when you have the chance to see Markéta in action and observe how her dogs are always excited for feeding time and how their diet really nourishes them, then the ideas of natural feeding comes instantly as positive and I'm happy I started doing so. Now my dog stays at home with me, he isn't all hyper with accumulated energy anymore, he practically poops 'like a chihuahua' even though he's 45 kg and he's doing very well.

The changes are apparent even after a short period of time. It also surprised me that he suddenly didn't drink a whole bucket of water like before, because the food pellets didn't 'dry' his throat out. Not only the preparation of his food is fun for me, but it also calms me as I know exactly what he eats, and that it's full of everything Barf needs, and it makes him happy too. Now, he's not only gobbling down pellets, he actually has to put some effort into himself. After some of our conversations, I truly know that    Markéta does it with her full heart. 

Hats off for the excellent website, where I always find an answer to my questions, and if I don't, you always answer quickly. The high quality of the menu surprised me and I am fully satisfied. 

I believe with the rise of public awareness people will start to feed their dogs naturally and it will be considered normal. Thank you so much that you guided me the right way. 💖🐾 
Míša Zimmermannová and Bart

A text that you always would like to see in chat :) Thank you so much for the kind words!

Good evening, I can only say good about this🙂.. this is amazing, beautiful web page, inspirational photos on portions in bowls..on a recommendation from a friend I read a book on your webpage and I am amazed, I have thought about feeding with meat for my 2 dogs for a long time now, but only now I decided to actually do it and since last Sunday it has been great, my girls are very happy... I really like to explore the portions and their composition... so far it has worked for me perfectly, so let's see what kind of long-term effect will it have and in the future, I wouldn't hesitate to order a new menu from you... and I will recommend you to my sister who is having some long-term problems with her 1-year-old collie, (diarrhea and disgust towards pellets from different brands), so they could contact you and ask for some advice, and maybe a menu. But anyway thank you so much for what you do 🙂 and have a nice day -
Helena Koukolová
When I got my puppy I got a lot of advice and information on how to discipline and train my dog, as well as food-wise too! Before I never really thought about feeding him anything else other than quality pellets or food from a can. When I looked for more information I found out about barf - feeding a dog naturally. I liked it and looked for more information. I read discussions on the internet, I read books about this topic so I could know everything important and give my furball everything he needs. The worst part was the first step (likewise in practically anything and everything :D ).  For a long time, I debated about the portions, and it was really confusing for a beginner like me so I decided to get some help and expert advice. I found Ms. Langerová by accident but writing to her was the best thing I could have done because if I didn't I would still be at the first step thinking if I should do this. I was very satisfied. Everything was properly explained in detail in the plan/menu that I received, everything with pictures, recommendations, and most importantly the portions - how much meat, bones, insides, vegetables, and fruits should I put. I am very grateful for all of the detail. Rony has started barf since the age of 6 months (it's been 2 months since we started) and he doesn't have a problem with anything at all. He loves the vegetables and fruits, he eats the insides like lightning and the bowl is empty before you even turn around. It's clear that he absolutely loves it, and even if he sometimes gets meat from a can (when I forget to take out the meat from the freezer :D ) I wouldn't go back to the pellets. Only barf now! 

Monika Zedníčková and Rony

When we got Hachiko from his previous owners from breeding station Dream from Bohemia, we knew that we wanted the absolute best for our new family member.

The hardest topic we always discussed was diet, as we didn't know much about it....the only thing we knew is that pellets aren't the ideal choice if we want to have a healthy and happy dog! 

After a long search, we found the amazing Ms. Markéta (, whose story touched us. After consultation with Ms. Markéta we decided to go with the Primordial diet for Hachiko, and with the help of Markéta's feeding plan. Primordial diet means original, natural. It's known as the ancient method of feeding wolves, and we almost have one here at home! 😉 This nourishment is based on feeding with meat, bones, animal insides, and other food that would be available and natural for a wolf in the wild.

Hachiko is on a raw diet for 5 months now and it has helped him greatly! He has shiny and healthy fur, healthy and clean teeth, strong bones and joints, a dense muscle structure, a more versatile immune system, and a ton of energy! 🌞

Thank you Markét for your time and care! ❤️🙏 Olga Pacáková and Hachiko

We have fed our doggy with BARF since we got her (2 years ago). Even though I have read tons of articles on the right structure of a dog's diet, I had doubts on whether I was doing it right (she had horrible fur). I turned towards 6 (more or less) contacts (VET, online advisory groups, etc.) who specialize in the right diets and nutrition for dogs, and only Markéta Langerová from Noran nutrition counseling answered me. What really warmed me was how fast, kind and caring was Marketa's answer, and how she carefully answered my questions to the most detail. I cannot be happier and I can only recommend her.   Martina Papoušková and Leontýnka  

 Good evening, we are successfully eating everything well. Finally, without puking and scratching. I feed him 3x daily. I have mixed them together based on the menu of the patties, I froze them and so I only take them out when I need to. I make them with my daughter and it's really fun for us. Falkons is very happy and is always excited when it's time for food. Thank you so much! 😊          

Iva Jesslová and Falkons from   Kamenné Ulice     

Thank you 😊 We started with PMD a couple of days ago and a huge thanks to Markéta Langerová for her help and her well-structured menu. Honestly, there are only a few articles or e-books that I would read but I feel like her advice brought actual, amazing results not only for me but mainly for this crazy little creature named Razzamatazz. Thank you Market for being here for us!  🤗     Jana Pleyerová and ZeeZee

I discovered Ms.Langerova's page through a group of barfers. I turned to her with our problems, which troubled my young Australian shepherd. When some worrying blood tests came back, I decided to take a different path than constantly changing dog pellets. Ms.Langerova was very helpful, she advised me on everything and she created a detailed menu based on portions, which contained how much, when, and what to feed, which was exactly what I was looking for. On top of that whenever I turned to her with any question she always gladly answers. I feed this way for about 2 months now, my doggy is active, very excited for each feeding time, her fur improved, and her bowel movements too. The next blood tests are coming up, but I believe that they will only prove that we are on the right path 🙂      Jana Erbenová and Eli   

Communication with Ms.Langerova is absolutely fantastic and very helpful. The menu, that she created for our dog based on portions not only helped him but got him into shape. He has beautiful fur, tons of energy that he uses up, and a lot of muscles. Structuring the menu isn't the end of the service. Ms.Langerova genuinely cares for her clients and after some time she evaluates the results, and if any changes in the menu are needed. We decided on PMD, which I heartily recommend, but with help from a professional, it is not as easy as it looks! Great condition after the change of diet was proven with a blood test, which came out extraordinary. I recommend Ms.Langerova to everybody who is considering a Barf or PMD diet or has any medical problems with their dog. Thank you. Lívia Pošiková and Dezi

When I planned to get my first puppy, I knew that I wanted to feed it in the most natural way possible, just like my cats. For a year I read through internet discussions, I read through a couple of books, but I still wasn't sure. Suddenly there was a month left till I got that little rascal and I still didn't know how and what with a menu and then I discovered Ms.Marketa's page. I was hesitant to contact for a long time due to the price, but in the end, I decided to do so. I would rather have quality supervision rather than mess up the diet while he was growing. And I decided well. I am sure with the way I am feeding now, when I don't know something or I have a question, Ms.Langerova always helps me. I have a little greedy mouth at home and she made a Czechoslovakian wolfdog very content. I feed with PMD and I am sure that I won't mess something up because I have someone who I can ask and who can help me. I can only recommend!                                  
Kateřina Šimáčková and Diego from Rudého Údolí 


For years I fed with dog pellets and I haven't thought of anything else. Everything changed when I got Lizzie. She couldn't stand chicken, she had troubles with hypersensitiveness for other food as well and chronic inflammation appeared in her ears. Obviously, I looked for any different alternatives to dog pellets, but the end choice was BARF. With BARF a new problem came up which was Lizzie's pickiness. She didn't touch any vegetables and carefully only picked out the meat and bones. I was looking on the internet when I came across Ms.Marketa's article and I asked for the construction of a PMD menu. I am impressed. Lizzie was always the very very skinny dog. Now not only her medical conditions have resolved, but she also gained a healthy weight. After that, I asked Ms.Marketa to construct a menu for my other girls. The change from dog pellets to BARF was absolutely unproblematic and I am happy that I can do the maximum for my girls! Bára Duspivová and girls

A month ago we got our little 7 month old Basset in a very bad nutritional state, and with a permanent front paw injury that cannot be fixed. Because of that, she is not able to get to the standard weight that she should have been. I contacted Ms.Langerova with a request for a specific menu and some advice. She very gladly helped me and in 24 hours she structured the menu for our little one, which we are using for almost a whole month. Little Lili is doing beautifully, she is slowly gaining weight and everything seems to be going well. Thank you.    Barbora Polívková and Lili   

I fed my dog since he was a puppy with dog pellets but with some time, he started getting sick of them and stopped eating them. Changing brands also didn't help. I decided to change to a cooked diet. Unfortunately, even that didn't work out. He certainly loved it but he started getting diarrhea and his teeth got worse. After some thinking about the pros and cons, I decided to contact Ms.Langerova. She created a BARF menu with portions for my dog and she answered any questions I had. The dog gained weight, his bowel movements improved, and his teeth are leaner and healthier. I can fully recommend to anyone.   Alena Kocichová and Cézar

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