Custom nutrition plan for your dog 

If you are reading these pages I have no doubt that you are a dog lover, and you are interested in doing the absolute maximum for your furry friend. Feeding your dog with a natural diet, without any chemical additives that are represented as 'beneficial' for your dog's health, is the first step towards the goal of making sure your dog lives a fulfilled, happy, and most importantly healthy life!

How does it work?

1) You order your preferred custom nutrition plan (primordial method or B.A.R.F method)

2) After the order is sent, I contact you to find out the basic information to create your custom nutrition plan.

3) The completed nutrition plan is sent to you through email, taking a maximum of 3 working days.

What does the nutrition plan look like?

This isn't a nutrition plan with predefined meals. The menu contains different types of meat, bones, and insides that are represented in the weight of grams, in the given portion. You are then able to come up with the portions for your dog on the basis of the information provided for these ingredients.

Will someone be able to help me, when I have a problem or don't know what to do?
In case of any problems or difficulties, I will gladly be able to help you and I am at full disposal to you over the phone, email, or social media.

Does it end with the menu?
Not at all! If you're interested in getting a consultation read more about it here. Regular consultations are a huge benefit.